On January 8, 2023 we hosted the group of the Polish Highlanders “Koło Sabały” from Clifton, NJ, who  performed a live Nativity play during the Polish Mass at 10:30am.  In wonder, we all watched, especially our youngest parishioners, the story recounting the Nativity of Jesus during the times of the Judean king Herod.  We saw the shepherds awaiting the birth of the Holy Baby and heard the angelic voices of children, we saw Death coming for Herod and other sinners, and we finally saw the Three Kings come to worship the newborn Christ and offer Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  During the Nativity play we were graced with Christmas carols and pastoral songs performed by the Highlanders in their authentic dialect, accompanied by the traditional violins, and we also enjoyed the theatrical costumes and the Nativity setting.  

Donations from the performance are being donated to special projects sponsored by the Highlanders, this year for an ill 10-month little boy, Filip Kasperlik.

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